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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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all those who were trapped in it in sunday's tragedy there's also a funeral starting to take place today of some of the victims twenty three families will start burying their relatives today from the sinking of the bulgaria ship but downstream from the rescue efforts are going on with divers going to the wreckage to try and search the rooms inside the ship they're moving into one of the most difficult parts about operation into a large play room and it's thought that a large number of children in there but that they simply weren't able to escape and they all drowned in that room. first came terror and tragedy because the boat leans a bit there are three of them in the cabin my son my daughter in law and my grandson my son said he tried to open the cabin door holding his child when the wave crashed into them and he lost grip of my grandson he say he swim towards the light and made it out alive but i can find my grandson or daughter in law. now amidst the grief
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comes the anger and the questions. like if you peeks do your jobs you don't understand anything. the bulgaria pleasure boat sank in just three minutes on sunday now some people are saying it should never have been on the volga at all at the. past two hours before it looked an awful condition of their donor pretty voice before it would never have been allowed to sail. growing evidence seems to point to gross mismanagement on the vessel including a broken engine ignored by the captain and blocked emergency exits probably not long ago on the twenty three as we traveled on these motives he was in a poor condition then yes because most serial times are near a trip because it would have to stop. because the engine was working properly the vessel was first built in one nine hundred fifty five and as recently as last month
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was given official clearance to sail. despite this rescue teams say it was hopelessly outdated the crew that was working tell me they noticed water coming in through the windows at such a pace the boat wind down quickly all of this will come to the fore when the ship itself is raised to the surface for investigation but it's the how ring accounts of what happened on the pleasure cruise the real story rescue workers will continue their efforts throughout the coming days but hope they will find anyone else alive leaving just the shock and grief. well for further insight on that story and an interview with the rescue divers working at the scene check out our website. they give you a harrowing account of visibility the dead bodies suddenly come into view one of the divers so to scribe what it's like to see the corpses up close as they try to
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recover the bodies so you can read the whole interview with the crew. wiki leaks founder julian. court where he's appealing against an earlier ruling to extradite him to sweden the world's most famous whistleblower is wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations but his supporters fear if. he'll end up in the hands of the u.s. government. has been following the case from just outside the court building. he was flanked by his lawyers and his assistants and he was. gay but he didn't answer any of us he. told me. these months. really taken.
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staying at the home of a friend of his out in the countryside where he's had to wear an electronic tag he's been under a curfew and evil thing had to report to the police station every day for that appears to really taking its toll on him this pairing that we're seeing this week is settle to last until wednesday but even then the rulings are expected to be reserved so we might not hear what decision the judge has made for days or even weeks and insights even if that this appeal is rejected my son says that he vows to take this case higher up the justice chain here in the u.k. first to the supreme court and then if you have to go on to the european court of human rights of course he was last in court in february here in the u.k. where the judge ruled in favor of sweden they said that he should be extradited to sweden saying that there was no reason to expect that our sons wouldn't receive a fair trial even that he's now in court today today to appeal that decision and he
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and his supporters have always suggested that the prosecution on sex charges is politically motivated and that the end goal of this is this weekend will eventually send him to the u.s. where of course a grand jury is currently investigating the work of wiki leaks and in fact there are significant links between sweden and the u.s. which is the subject of the reports that you can see now seven months since today in our souls was released on bail he returns to the high court to appeal his extradition if he fails our soldiers will be sent to sweden within ten days but many believe his feet won't touch the ground next stop america i think the the worry is that sweden which in the past has extradited people to america with a minimum of fuss when they were asked was show us a possible back door to get him out of britain who waits him in the us is this
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really in my mind if it is a criminal we ought to be. a notorious neo conservative group helped the swedish prime minister friedrich reinfeldt win reelection last year and there's another glaring link in the shape of lawyer thomas bloodstream his firm's representing the two women bringing the sex charges against him in two thousand and one he was minister of justice and is alleged to have helped turned over to asylum seekers suspected by the cia of terror they were sent to egypt and allegedly tortured he might well want to stop wiki leaks from functioning have the military and some politicians cooperate. with the united states when the. large mass of. sweden ones are on sex crime charges the us is reportedly preparing an espionage case and it suits nor nato members sweden
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just fine to be a conduit in this case and in others they get. all the benefits of being an intelligence partner of the united states without the baggage of being in nato sweden seen as an easier way for the us to get their hands on our soldiers particularly after it requested the extradition of hakka gary mckinnon from britain which so far hasn't been granted but critics say the u.k. is just as much in computes with the u.s. as sweet and has to do it ourselves goes back to court in london he'll have an eye on the british justice system which could save him from being extradited but the other eye will be firmly fixed on sweden a country that insists on its own neutrality whilst turning asylum seekers over to the us allegedly to be tortured only a soldier and his stuff that wiki leaks know what else we just got to hide your enemies our teeth down to. our time and. you can always find more stories on our website of course on t.v. dot com along with the latest news blogs and videos here's just
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a taste of. some of the items you can find there right now dramatic new pictures of the moment that a russian passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing on water in eastern siberia spectacular. and have a look at this. supercard to the right here in central moscow his need for speed and is in total carnage. the half brother of afghan president hamid karzai has been assassinated in his own home initial reports suggested that while he was shot dead by one of his own bodyguards the taliban has claimed responsibility and described it as one of its biggest achievements karzai headed the kandahar province a volatile region on the border with pakistan he was often accused in media reports of having links to afghanistan's massive illegal drugs trade more and what his assassination might mean for the country we are joined live by dr be
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a political analyst from kabul good to see you thank you for joining us dr keamy there was a popular perception of. a major drugs kingpin how will the illegal but hugely lucrative business in the country be affected by his death do you think . of course he was blamed. for having a big role in. afghanistan and he was believed to be a corrupt personality. inside the government as well and he was blamed all soon to be on. the sea and. he had that close relationship with the american forces in the middle. of afghanistan particularly in that kandahar province now i think.
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there is a drug smugglers into some to afghanistan. last one all for the. key man in one. important. afghanistan but i think. it's a situation where not a huge negative effect on draco control particularly among those people who are linked with her but this guy in kandahar a moment ago. was a link to the cia it's often been said that he was a us puppet and had been working for the cia does this mean though that washington now has less control over afghanistan i mean how would they replace this undoubtedly influential figure. of course he was blamed to. pair off the cia as i mentioned before but he did night to be linked with c. to be working for a for
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a. c c. he confirmed that the. past couple of years he confirmed that he had a good relationship with american troops in america. particularly in kandahar because of this i think that americans lost one off there one of the important. members. of the or troops or. he had an important role in fighting against the taliban. militants insurgents in. afghanistan but at the same time he was accused of being involved in corruption in drag trafficking and everything because of this many believe that. here. now
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american well seek for the. another person to replace him so you know allegations here are the half brother of the afghan president. linked to the cia on the cia payroll and yet one of the biggest drug kingpins in afghanistan certainly some murky stories in the shadows there are some murky connections now the u.s. is preparing to withdraw its troops from afghanistan claiming they are leaving a stable country behind bearing in mind that assassination is like this one what's happened to the president's half brother still taking place what's going to happen when the soldiers and the. i think in general. will not have a. negative effect on. american. strategy and. american struggle against the taliban and al qaeda but of course they will face some problem. because the last one off the important
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important. man in this area at the same day he was in flu shot a. political personality in the south of afghanistan but in general i don't believe that. policy in afghanistan particularly military strategic will be effected by this doctor a political analyst live in kabul thank you. the french parliament is a vote on extending the military campaign in libya it comes after recent remarks by its defense minister suggesting that the rebels should talk to colonel gadhafi this is part of rumors that one of the most active advocates of the nato led invasion might be starting to back pedal on the campaign and as it has done your bushel reports anxieties indeed growing in paris that what was intended to be a short lived mission is turning into an embarrassingly long whore.
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not tell me which. books is like bragging they'll destroy the republicans they're often wrong and gets a nasty surprise i french foreign minister ship a boasted france would win libya in quote days or weeks the war's into a fourth month and the final round inside nicolas sarkozy with his western allies seeing short little opponents fighting back well it's not just an embarrassment for sarkozy it's an embarrassment for all nato for the whole west paris even admits being libya's rebels but on some somalia went to libya for training within the last two or three years that's documented we have to fly records and everything else so it seems strange in many ways the whole western
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support of some of the rebel groups in libya must be questioned because in some cases i think we are effectively arming al-qaeda. it's all making a mockery of the un vote on foreign intervention in the country. giving. none of. this. witnesses. of libya's causing widespread atrocities for every one military personnel that was supposedly a casualty there were ten civilians for all it's categorically ruled out sending grilled troops to take sports predict is the only way now to break the libyan deadlock the moves the splitting the nato coalition silvio berlusconi head of keep italy admits invading libya was a mistake and did a stunning u.
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turn the french defense minister says the rebels should negotiate with moammar gadhafi this is the same man that they already indicted in the international court so. i mean from a legal point of view it's even possible role should abstain did the u.s. vote warning foreign bombs would bring havoc in libya. said the latest talks with can't support love ruffle quote lloyd lee diplomats speak for up. with elections just annoying months away sako advisers said a successful war could resurrect his chances instead one paper writes libya's becoming a slow motion call crash for france's deeply unpopular president. so because these are jogging for excessive sweating is understandable this is libyan spring is turning into a marathon the new bush will see paris. nato is lying when it says its aim in libya is to protect civilians well that's claimed by independent journalist
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terry mason you can see the full interview when i just over ten minutes time here on r.t. but for now here's a brief preview. starting from the moment it was decided to launch this operation the lives of civilians were not taken into account and this is just the beginning is there either a question of the rearrangement of this region and we are yet to see a series of wars in this case nato keeps lying at every stage during the war impossible in nato would normally lie only to conceal its mistakes at this time it's being done not to consume mistakes but to conceal the strategy. right now at twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow human rights groups in israel are preparing to go to court over a new law which makes it illegal to boycott jewish settlements on occupied palestinian territory the so-called boycott build approved by the parliament in tel
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aviv imposes fines and allows settlers to sue boycott organizers for damages rights groups say the legislation is completely unlawful and violates free speech israeli settlements on the occupied territories are illegal under international law guy executive director of the association for civil rights in israel says the bill is a stark reminder of an ongoing erosion of civil rights in the country. the passing of this was a bad day for freedom of speech a bad day for is a democracy and even more unfortunately it is the only current representation of the rising wave of democratic to this nation that is gradually drowning the phone day sions of is it about prosy as well for many years and i think rightfully so has been recognized as a country with strong democratic out tributes but what we're seeing here is the gradual sad process in which the israeli parliament is by itself doing
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eroding those democratic principles not just a call on to keep pushing for more than four decades. but also targeting the rights of minorities in the as well and specifically arab citizens of the state of israel targeting human rights organisations and that ability to function freely something that we've always taken for granted and is now being gradually eroded and also targeting the independence of the high court of justice and its ability to continue to defend human rights and civil liberties in israel. live from moscow let's check out some other world headlines for you in brief a protestant parade of again violent in northern ireland's capital belfast. to mark the annual twelfth of july celebrations protesters threw stones and firebombs protestants and police security services attempted to separate the opposing factions and at least seven police officers were injured in the attacks the twelfth of july marks the end of the annual protestant marching season and commemorates
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a seventeenth century victory over catholic forces. the u.k.'s former prime minister gordon brown has accused britain's very popular newspaper of illegally obtaining private information about his family i was talking about the news of the world here deep into the press scandal which claims that two other newspapers belonging to rupert murdoch's media empire were also reportedly engaged in tracking its further alleged that reporters at the tabloid paid for secret information about queen elizabeth meanwhile sing it senior police officers have been a question of over allegations that they obstructed be original investigation into the journalist's conduct at the news of the world. the united nations is struggling to cope with thousands of somali refugees fleeing to kenya and ethiopia to escape starvation but as the drought worsens throughout east africa both countries are themselves suffering dire conditions the u.n. expects at least ten million people will need food aid in the region with children
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at the greatest risk of dying. all right now it's time for the business news or dimitri joins us next. to learn welcome to business records sell office coming to russia's state sector. as the government is getting ready to massively expand its privatization program is going to multiply the value of the selloff by seven making it worth two hundred billion dollars. president medvedev says he's not satisfied with the current pace of the privatization drive the state was going to sell its stakes in one thousand and two prices last year but only one hundred twenty ended up being sold the president is keen to get rid of state ownership a soon as possible however the government seems not likely to rush it suggests extending the deadline for privatization and introducing. veto. after the two thousand. fiscal component of.
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almost. all the prices then when the reason after all it is the. president is economic liberalization and the broom and in the sea of enterprises. channeling their hands i'm not sure that these liberalization idea is that. he is a much more focused on strongarm than. that opportunity to provide strong support. russia is going to sell ten percent of its high tech corporation ross now as part of a privatization plan the state could be sold in two years around one billion dollars and this believe investors will be interested in the search as nanotechnology zoran strong demand. so you have the markets now oil is continuing
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to lose ground despite trees fall in from peak levels fears of softening demand dominating the market with investors concerned about u.s. economic recovery and possibility of further monetary tightening in china blend is trading at around one hundred sixteen dollars per barrel light sweet ninety four and on. the stock markets now european stocks are seeing a heavy selloff after a sharp drop in the previous session and there's a continue to dump banking and insurance stocks on persisting sovereign debt. not helped by the dutch finance minister saying a selective default on greek debt is possible meanwhile the market is nervous about the possibility of the crisis spreading to italy and spain the cost of insuring spain and the salary of government bonds has jumped to record levels. here in russia the markets are also tracking the losses abroad so you get some of the individual share movers on the myself mr blue chips in the red with financial suffering the most bank is losing ground half a percent gazprom also around half
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a percent on a week of crude enormous nickel sparing better than the others on speculation about a buyback of its shares from a market. that was in the euro zone have tamed investor appetite for risk pushing the russian currency to fresh lows ruble has lost a third of a percent against the dollar which is considered to be a safe haven asset monday's session so it's the biggest decline in seven weeks the greenback is now worth over twenty eight rubles. prime minister person has given his approval to the potential creation of a new ratings agency the idea comes after recent downgrades by existing agencies have caused turmoil on many markets now. committee bank says the new agency wouldn't necessarily easy situation unless it's implemented properly many concerns have been voiced until now about the situation and what can be done now one obvious
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answer is this here somebody else to compete with it is an easy answer both of course for. that they will simply kill the patient just establishing a new rating agency is probably easy you know can be established on a national basis european union basis the main question is who will use it. will be recognised by the main users of such information so this will be the challenge it's easy to set up but there was. we will be back in fifty minutes time with an update rory is next with the headlines.
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many of them children.
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supposedly. the labor conflict is entering its fifth month with concerns growing that a protracted destructive civil war has been kickstarted by a western russia to regime change to my son a french intellectual and two on the list founder and chairman of terror network and the access for peace conference has been working here in libya trying to find out the truth thank you very much terry for being with us to thank you where have you been in libya and what have you discovered what have you found in your time here. first of all it's quite obvious that the us a wanted to answer the war at the same time with libya and syria. that wish was made public by john bolton in two
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thousand and two the plan was passed over to france and britain who decided to bring it to life in november last year certainly it was necessary to verify whether an attempt of a coup had been made before that that could be organized by france or britain the attempt failed in october. after this field attempt another coup was planned or you didn't visit killing all the heads of the libyan national congress if they got together in one place during a big celebration that that field though because the situation in the region changed after the revolutions in tunisia and egypt at that moment france and britain decided to carry out our operation in presenting. as a people's rebellion. was the aim of this regime change.


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